Maximising Sales and Profit 


Have you ever considered the impact of late payments, write-offs or unpaid invoices to your organisation’s profitability and customer relationships?

Despite the best efforts of your cash collection team to collect outstanding payments from customers, badly constructed order agreements, poorly negotiated terms and a lack of information can result in overdue payments, a shortage of cash flow and a knock on impact throughout your business which in turn creates more pressure on sales teams.

If you are granting credit for your goods or services it’s vital that you focus on adopting a proactive approach to prevent payment related issues through establishing the correct policies, controls and commercial awareness throughout your organisation.

Who is this for?

This course is designed with sales, credit control and customer services teams in mind. It will help them understand the importance of credit management and the impact bad decisions can have on your profitability and customer satisfaction. They will learn how to ask the right questions, negotiate terms and look out for warning signs.

To get the most out of this course we also recommend that you send representatives from sales and finance so that they can work together to understand their roles and perspectives and how this relates to the success of a business. (Flat jackets and crash helmets are not provided).

Cost: £497 plus VAT per delegate – including course notes and attendance certificate.

Interesting facts

  • The average small company is owed £32,000, incurring additional average costs of £677 per month
  • Larger companies are owed £9.1 billion. For companies with fewer than 250 staff, it rises to £32.4 billion.
  • Sales collaboration: 39% of respondents said that sales was the most important discipline to work with (HAYS, DNA of a CREDIT MANAGER)
  • Commercial Awareness: The next generation of credit managers need to be commercially aware (cited by 62% of respondents) (HAYS, DNA of a CREDIT MANAGER).

Course Content

Managing Your Business

  • Essential rules for managing your customers
  • Keeping customers happy
  • Understanding the importance of credit management
  • The cost of credit
  • The impact of bad debts
  • Optimising cash flow
  • The working capital cycle
  • Relationship between sales and credit

Dealing Effectively with Large, Blue Chip Customers

  • Negotiating contracts
  • Making payment terms part of the sales package
  • Improving payments from large, powerful customers 

Essential Documentation

  • Customer contracts
  • Orders and related paperwork
  • Invoices and related paperwork

Strategies for Collecting Your Money

  • Planning your strategies
  • Putting the right structures in place
  • Avoiding or reducing losses
  • Overcoming reasons for non-payment
  • Negotiating effectively
  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • Spotting warning signs and problem areas
  • Resolving disputes amicably
  • Influencing customers to pay
  • Getting everyone in your business to take ownership
  • Being proactive and effective

Credit Essentials

  • Terms and conditions
  • Policy and procedures
  • Credit application forms
  • Credit worthiness and credit limits
  • Periodical review of credit worthiness
  • Ongoing risk assessment
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