In-House Training

The key to companies’ success is their employees, it is their people who bring them success or failure in the long run.

No matter how successful a company’s products or services may be it is the ability of their employees to deliver which determines their success or failure as a business enterprise. 

Through effective, high quality training and development, people will grow in knowledge and confidence. Remember, people who seek knowledge are usually self-motivated. Training provides knowledge and without it, you restrict motivation and smother your employees’ capacity to innovate.

It goes without saying, companies that demonstrate a commitment to quality, recognise their employees abilities and take the time and trouble to seek out their employees goals are the new style corporations that are really moving ahead even in the face of adverse economic conditions. A fundamental ingredient to their success is a highly trained and motivated credit manager.

CMT courses are not about passive listening and taking notes. They are very interactive and practical, full of techniques which can be put to immediate and effective use in the workplace thus boosting morale, increasing productivity and improving your results.

As part of our training we offer pre-course consultancy to ensure your needs are met and post-course support if you require any advice and guidance or we can come back to help with delegates progress and development.

We provide a range of training courses to both companies’ and individuals’ which can be delivered ‘in-house’ on the clients chosen premises, to individuals on our public courses or by webinar.

All CMT presenters are practitioners with experience of senior positions in those areas in which they train and have the ability to impart their knowledge in a stimulating and effective manner.

We present on a wide range of topics including, credit, finance, customer care, professional development, management and leadership.

Here are some of our more popular courses:

Diploma in Credit Management - Level 4 Certificate

No one can doubt the vital importance of a highly-trained, motivated, credit management team, totally focused on getting results. Our five day Level 4 Diploma Course is geared to achieving precisely that.

Our diploma course is held regularly throughout the year at a range of venues across the UK and by webinar. The course is presented one day a week for five weeks including an examination on the final day.

Subjects covered:

  • Understanding Credit Management
  • Managing Commercial Credit Risk
  • Cash Collection Techniques
  • Legal Action and Insolvency
  • An Overview of Export Credit
  • Improving Collection Letters and Emails
  • Developing Management Skills

Professional Credit Manager Masterclass - Level 4 or 5 Certificate

This workshop is designed for the more experienced credit professional who would like to hone their skills and knowledge and share and compare knowledge with their fellow professionals.  You may, for example, have already attended our Credit Management Diploma or have many years of Credit Management experience. 

The workshop is geared towards group activity whilst also giving plenty of time for individual personalities to grow in confidence.

This course is presented over three consecutive days and we would encourage candidates to stay at the hotel. 2 nights Dinner, Bed and Breakfast accommodation is included in the price. A discount is available if this is not required.

Subjects covered:

  • The Credit Professional
  • How to Win by Managing Your People
  • You the Credit Management Consultant
  • In-Depth Accounts Analysis and Credit Scoring
  • Economic Forecasts for Credit Professionals
  • Managing Stress

One and Two Day Courses

Our one and two day courses are designed to meet a very wide variety of individual needs and requirements. 

Some courses are held regularly at a range of venues across the UK and all are available in-house and geared to suit your specific needs.

All one and two day courses can be accredited Levels 2 and 3 subject to assessment.

  • Understanding Credit Management
  • Cash Collection by Telephone for Commercial Credit
  • Cash Collection by Telephone for Consumer Credit
  • The Psychology of a Debtor
  • Managing Commercial Credit Risk
  • DIY Debt Collection and Legal Actions
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • In-depth Accounts Analysis and Credit Scoring
  • Maximising Profit while Minimising Risk
  • Developing Management Skills


Our prices range from £327 per candidate for one-day courses to £1297 per candidate for the Diploma Course in Credit Management and £1,497 per candidate for the Professional Credit Manager Master-class, including two nights fully inclusive hotel accommodation. 

Delegates attending any of our courses are entitled to a 10% discount for any future courses they attend during the next twelve months.

If you would like to learn more about any of these courses telephone Steve Savva on +44(0)7881 805615 or email

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