We value the feedback we receive from our clients as we see this as a way to continuously improve the high quality training we are proud to deliver at CMT. Please see below, some of our recent feedback.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the training course you ran yesterday.  The feedback that I have received from the team this morning has been very positive and they are all very enthusiastic and revved up.  Mindy has already put some of the tactics into practice, which is fantastic.

I attended the Credit Management Diplom Course taken by Steve Savva.  The best course I have ever been on. Steve is fabulous at his job and always keeps you interested.  I would recommend Credit Management Training Ltd to everyone.  Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for the excellent training and the passion you shared, interesting and inspiring. You showed us a new concept in a very approachable way.

I have been hearing some terrific reports about the course.  Even the most long serving and experienced staff have been praising it.

The team are really positive after what they all felt was a really great beneficial day so thank you!

I am really so pleased and thank you so much for your guidance - I have learned so much on the Diploma Course from you and feel I have grown as a person.  You are an inspiration Steve.

Thank you Steve; I enjoyed the course very much. Very interesting the mind games you need to play to collect money owed.

You have helped me tackle some of our most difficult clients and I have now reduced not only a lot of the debt, but also the amount of days they are paying in.

Thanks again for the excellent session last week. When we wrapped up on Thursday the feedback from the group was 100% positive and everyone really enjoyed being back in the classroom again – so congratulations!!!

The participants all thanked me for organising the training. They all said that you gave a really excellent, interesting and informative presentation. You always take your work very, very seriously and prepare everything you need to do with a lot of dedication.

I would like to thank you again for doing the Professional Credit Manager Masterclass with us.  I really enjoyed the mix and self analysing etc.  It made me look at things from a different perspective.

I really enjoyed the Credit Lifecycle and Debt Recovery Masterclass in Bahrain and I believe that it will definitely prove beneficial for me and my company.

It was a wonderful pleasure and learning experience to attend the Credit Lifecycle and Debt Recovery Masterclass presented by you.  I have gained a lot of knowledge and made new friends.

The Credit Lifecycle and Debt Recovery Masterclass is a really great and useful training course and I am looking forward to meeting you on other courses.

I’d like to thank you for the time and effort and sheer enthusiasm that you brought to the courses which I have absolutely no doubt will be beneficial to all who attended!

The team know how to prioritise their work to gain maximum cash collection benefits. Queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently thanks to the way that the CMT course was taught. We have achieved better than expected gains since the team attended the course, and most of the team are asking for an even more advanced follow up!

Now my feet have finally come back down to earth and the news has settled in, I would like to say a massive thank you for the tutoring and support you have offered to me.  I really feel now that this will help me in my future and to move on to bigger and better things.  I still cannot believe I got a 'distinction'.  I am telling everyone and the response has been overwhelming.

Thanks for your time today. Already sent an email to a problem account with change of wording and responded to me by phone within 30 minutes!

Having worked in the Credit and Debt Management industry for nearly 30 years, I was most pleased to discover we never stop ‘learning’ and some of your valuable tips and techniques to achieve best practice will most certainly be taken forward.

The course has exceeded my expectations.  I learnt to be proactive and no longer reactive and to turn negative situations into positive outcomes.  I will recommend it to every credit controller I know.

Firstly, a massive thank you from me and Janine, we thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of new ways to handle our customers.  As I mentioned the course was well above our expectations and better than the ICM courses I attended.  Early indications show the training is paying off.

Let me express my appreciation on the diploma course.  I can really see myself improving and developing in all areas of credit management.

Your style was welcoming and refreshing. So many times in a training environment I feel the trainer has read up on what needs to be said and doesn't really put 100% into it. You, however, admittedly love your job and the industry and it shows. I hope I am fortunate enough to be included in any of your visits and would be honoured to be one your contacts within O2.

I learned a great deal on the Diploma Course and you really made it interesting.

I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful course.  Both Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed it and were so pleased that we enrolled. The course was highly informative and both you and Gerry were brimming with enthusiasm for your work. This is wonderful to see and definitely is contagious.

Having arrived at the hotel knowing the very basics of financial statements, I came away understanding all about different ratios...being able to sit down and put into practice what we had learnt was a great achievement.

I’ve been on several of these courses, but never before felt so relaxed and eager to participate and learn.

Pat and I enjoyed the Diploma Course so much we felt our staff would benefit from your expertise as well.

I would just like to say that it’s the most riveting course I have attended.  I came away with a lot of ideas to put to my company.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have attended many courses during my career, but I must confess that I really enjoyed your course.  The content was excellent, simple to understand and yet very effective.

I thought it would be nice to give you some fantastic feedback from your session.  The guys absolutely loved it and came back brimming and full of excitement on what they learnt and what they want to change.  They couldn’t give you enough praise.

Just wanted to say a Big Thank You for the past five weeks; I would recommend your Diploma Course and your company to anyone; it’s well organised, interesting presenters, good course material, friendly and approachable. What else can I say?

The DIY Legal course was excellently presented.

I found your workshop to be extremely beneficial and I’m happy to say that on the occasions that I have used The Magic Letter, as it is known internally, it has been 100% successful.

I really would like to say a big thank you for your excellent presentation.  I’ve had quite a lot of e-mails from the credit controllers saying how much they enjoyed the day.  I have to say it is the best Telephone Collections presentation I’ve seen, and needless to say I’ve seen a few over the years.

Since returning to the office I have been able to implement your suggestions and feel that my collection techniques have been enhanced and expanded.  I feel more confident when speaking with clients and am able to respond to their excuses rather than accepting them.

The training was fantastic.  It certainly raised issues/techniques that we had not considered in the past.

Thanks for a great Diploma Course in Credit Management.

We were impressed by the way Steve Savva ran the day.  It makes a nice change to be trained by someone who has personal experiences to share with delegates.

Sally, I was very impressed with the enthusiasm Steve has for Credit Management.  From what I saw and heard, I have asked for an in-house training course for my credit control team to cover a motivational session, improving knowledge, team skills and procedures.

Thought you might like to know, we have had only very positive feedback from the Managing Credit Risk day.  All attendees found it useful and felt it would help them with their current roles.

Since attending the Diploma Course last year, I’m very excited about attending the Professional Credit Manager Workshop and learning even more new ideas I can put into practice.

The training was very good and everyone got something out of the day.  I have been listening to the team making calls and it is impressive to hear the increased level of authority and confidence they have.  They will all be after my job soon!

Thanks again for a very successful day – nothing but positive feedback from the crew!

Feedback from your Call Handling Skills Workshop was excellent and we would like you to put together a training course for our Field Development Coordinators.

I have gained an incredible amount of beneficial and helpful advice that I'm already finding myself using.

Your Diploma Course in Credit Management is an intense, but highly rewarding exercise, which will add value to anyone studying for it.  The course delivered everything.  Putting the skills I learnt into practice has added real value to the department, increasing understanding, quality of training decisions and overall collection performance.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their abilities and understanding of key issues relating to Credit Management, without having to study for a prolonged amount of time.

Diploma Course – Having already completed another credit management diploma I was not too sure what to expect nor was I sure how much I was going to gain from the course. I can now say having completed the course that I was thoroughly surprised. The difference between this particular course and any other course provider (I have been through a few) is that Steve provides actual real life situations and useable advice for cash collections and credit management. It was a welcome change to actually be given practical scenarios that I now use in my day to day collections and credit management. I have gained knowledge on credit management through the text provided during the course but more valuable is the practical knowledge I have gained which assists in my role. The confidence you gain in dealing with difficult customers or internal relations with Sales is honestly invaluable. I would and have recommended this course to colleagues both within my organisation and through the credit management network. Any course provider can teach you what is written in a book or through papers published on a subject but not many can actually make you feel more capable of dealing with the situations you face throughout your role. Not only have my collections increased dramatically but I also feel more confident in doing so. Not to mention the DSO has fallen by just over 30% to a very reasonable 39 days which is well below any targets that have been set for this year.

Management can now ask for reports which I feel confident in providing and explaining. There have even been reports that I’ve designed which they didn’t know they needed until they were sent them. I must say that I keep the course notes on my desk, and flick through every now and then to see if there’s anything new I can bring to the table.

I am amazed that what seems so simple actually works.  As you learn throughout the course you find yourself laughing at yourself and wondering why you didn’t think of it. What seems so simple actually is an art form and I feel grateful that I can now use this to benefit myself and my company.

Working within credit control I know that taking time out from collections can seem quite daunting but it really is worth it. Even with the economic position and the tightening of training budgets you’ll learn from the first lesson how important credit control is to the finance function. It helps to put the role we do into perspective and to understand that we are not just ‘debt chasers’ and we’re not just here to inconvenience customers and annoy the sales or service teams. The course helps you to understand where you fit in and to better understand how to improve relations between yourself and your internal customers.

Steve as a tutor puts you at ease and makes sure that you understand all that is being taught. Not to mention he is pretty funny too.

Having now completed both the diploma course and the professional credit manager workshop, I felt it was prudent for me to give you some feedback on the two.

Diploma Course – Firstly, let me say how much I enjoyed this course. As you know I have done the certificate course with the ICM and although this was beneficial, I felt the structure of that course and the amount of irrelevant information that it seemed to cover meant that it was hard to garner too many things from this that I could develop into my job role. This is not an accusation I could levy at your diploma course.  I felt that all the information we covered was extremely relevant and I feel it has left me with the skills to do my job to an even greater level (accepting for the fact that I was amazing already....ha ha). Both you and Marie made the course enjoyable and not once did I struggle for motivation or feel bored or clock watch.

I hope that the results I achieved show that what I have said is completely true, because I wouldn’t have achieved this had I not enjoyed it. Many thanks to both you and Marie and please pass my comments on to her.

Professional Credit Manager Workshop – What can I say about this? Amazing! I was not sure what to expect from this, but despite my lack of expectations, I was still surprised by how good this workshop was. The parts covered under the NLP umbrella by Joseph and Paul were exceptional and in my opinion, really got the workshop off to a flying start. That said; I feel that however it had been structured it would still have been excellent and beneficial to all involved. As you know I was mainly there for the In Depth Credit Risk Analysis and this part of the course was covered really well and I came out of it with the knowledge I was looking for and probably more. I am calculating millions of different ratio’s, sifting through notes to accounts with a fine tooth comb and asking questions.

I would change nothing about these two courses. Nothing! The presenters for both were excellent and the venues for them were equally as impressive.

Many Thanks for everything. I feel that I have picked up valuable skills that will help me not only improve in my current role, but face future challenges with confidence and increased vigour.

We set up a European Shared Service Centre to handle Invoice to cash work for the whole of Europe. The team was, for the most part, newly recruited. A number of the team members were recruited not for their credit control knowledge, but for their language skills - in most cases they were locals of the countries we needed to collect from.

Once the team was established, we had 32 people with little or no credit control experience. We decided that the team needed some training and engaged Steve Savva from Credit Management Training Ltd to hold an in-house course over 2 days for the whole team. The team were taught basic and advanced credit control and all gave positive feedback on completion.

Using the skills that they had learnt on this course, we saw some very good results. Cash Collections increased to a point where in November we achieved a European cash collection record.

DSO started to reduce from month one, and on looking at our tracking, since the initial drop in DSO has not increased to the old higher levels that it used to be.

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