About CMT

The company was founded in 1992 (trading since 1993) by Steve Savva with the specific aim of working with clients to build a relationship that allows both parties to develop a better understanding of one another, delivering solutions that clients want.

We are a training provider delivering virtual and open, in-house and bespoke credit, finance, customer care, professional development, leadership and management courses, for all types of organisations.

CMT has a Scorecard to help you Maximise your Sales and Manage your Commercial Credit Risk.  Credit Reporting that shows you how a Credit Rating is reached, by measuring and scoring key accounting ratios.  www.credit-scorecard.com

Between them Steve and his team of presenters have many years experience of designing and delivering high quality, interactive training programmes for many different types of organisations in the UK, Europe, India, Asia and the Middle East.

Assignments and Developments:

  • Level 3 Certificate course on Improving Credit Management and Collections developed and presented on behalf of Informa in Dubai
  • Designed and delivered a consumer collections training programme for Malta’s leading bank
  • Designed and implemented a call management programme for a large utilities company
  • Delivered a training programme for people who were being made redundant by their company, giving them skills and confidence to cope and search for a new job
  • Designed and delivered a credit scorecard for one of the biggest computer and peripheral suppliers in Europe
  • Designed and delivered change and time management training for one of London’s leading private hospitals
  • Level 4 Diploma in Credit Management and Level 5 Credit Management Masterclass
  • Gained CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification for our training courses
  • Our motto of “Excellentia Summa” is what we stand for at CMT. Our team pride themselves on their ability to offer high quality, effective training courses developed to inspire and enable individuals to progress in their chosen career for the benefit of themselves on a personal level and for the benefit of their company.

Why Train?

More and more, companies are beginning to understand that the key to their success is their employees and it is the “people” factor that brings them success or failure in the long run. No matter how successful their product or service may be, it is the ability of their employees to deliver same, which determines their success or failure as a business enterprise. Through effective, high quality courses, people will grow in knowledge and therefore grow in confidence. Remember, people who seek knowledge are usually self-motivated. Training provides knowledge and without it, you restrict motivation and smother their capacity to innovate. So, it goes without saying that companies who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to quality
  • Recognise their employees abilities
  • Take the time and trouble to seek out their employees goals
  • Are the new style corporations which are really moving ahead even in the face of adverse economic conditions and a fundamental ingredient in their success is a highly trained and motivated Credit Manager

Our courses are not of passive listening and taking notes. They are very interactive and practical, full of techniques that can be effectively put to use in the workplace immediately, boosting morale, increasing productivity and improving results. All our presenters are practitioners with senior positions in those areas in which they train and have the ability to impart their knowledge in a stimulating and effective manner.

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