Level 4 Diploma Course in Credit Management - Online or In-house

5 Days – presented one day a week for 5 weeks:

No one can doubt the vital importance of a well trained, motivated, Credit Management team, totally focused on getting results.  Our five day Diploma Course is geared to achieving precisely that.

With expert, enthusiastic, passionate presenters, high quality course notes, a superb learning environment and the stimulus of a challenging, but rewarding exam, this course gives a thorough insight into all the practical issues relating to Commercial Credit Management.

Cost: £3,150.00 per delegate, including course notes and certification.

If you have 3 or more delegates, we can present the course in-house, to suit your specific needs.

Course Content


  • Candidates will become fully aware of all aspects of Commercial Credit Management
  • Practical tips and techniques you can put into effective use immediately
  • Subjects will be fully studied for the exam at the end of the course
  • Successful candidates will receive a Diploma – Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Candidates who pass qualify to use designated letters, CMT Dip after their name

Understanding Credit Management

Do you know how a business works and why businesses fail?  Are you aware of the aims and importance of good credit management? Do you communicate effectively at all levels internally and externally? How well equipped are you to exceed targets?

  • Cost of credit
  • Impact of bad debts
  • Stimulating cash flow
  • Measuring and improving performance
  • Setting targets
  • Cash planning
  • Query management
  • Improving communication
  • Developing a rapport with sales and others
  • Credit management health-check
  • Creating a winning environment

Managing Commercial Credit Risk

Can you maximise sales and effectively manage risk with your credit decisions?  Do you consider whether you are one of many suppliers or one of the major suppliers to your customer when granting credit?
Do you have effective ongoing risk assessment?

  • The credit policy
  • Being commercially minded
  • Gathering the right information
  • Understanding company accounts
  • Working with a balance sheet
  • The profit and loss account
  • Scoring key ratios
  • Setting credit limits
  • Grading customers
  • Determining low, medium and high risk
  • On-going risk assessment
  • Making credit decisions on new businesses
  • Assessing different industries
  • Why and how businesses fail
  • Spotting warning signs
  • Customer visits

Powerful Collection Techniques

In the same way that sales people are in competition for orders, you are in competition for cash.  Can you influence customers to pay you sooner?

  • Strategies for successful collection
  • Getting through and speaking to the right person
  • Switching on to the person you are dealing with
  • Different approaches for different customer types
  • Influencing customers in different situations
  • Asking questions differently to others telephoning for payment
  • Using phrases and statements that get you on side
  • Use of letters and emails
  • Developing negotiation and persuasive skills
  • Overcoming excuses, objections and reasons for non-payment
  • Breaking negotiation deadlocks
  • Taking away the reasons not to pay
  • Using the consequences of non-payment to your advantage
  • Making payment happen
  • Following up effectively

Legal Action and Insolvency

Very often you can make the legal system work for you without taking legal proceedings.  Do you issue proceedings or do you use solicitors?

  • Pre-action checks
  • Letter before action
  • Preparing your case
  • Completing the claim form
  • Debtors responses
  • Entering judgment
  • Enforcing judgment
  • Dealing with defended actions
  • The court tracking system
  • Statutory demands
  • Winding up petitions
  • Different types of insolvency

Export Credit Overview

Are you aware of the basic differences between home trade and export credit?

  • Considerations for export credit
  • Country and political risk
  • Understanding key documents
  • Letters of credit
  • Forward exchange
  • Incoterms

Developing Management Skills

Managing people effectively is an essential part of Credit Management.

  • Creating a winning environment
  • Management styles
  • Management personality
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership strengths
  • Essential ingredients
  • The art of communication
  • Steps to success
  • Principles to follow
  • Principles to action
  • Foundations for total success
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Building and maintaining the team
  • Developing individuals
  • Developing the skill of time management
  • Making delegation work for you
  • Persuasive elements
  • Motivating others

Course Designed for

Anyone who wants to become more confident and knowledgeable in all aspects of Commercial Credit Management.

Course Duration

5 days – 1 Day a week for 5 weeks

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