Powerful Cash Collection Techniques

Learn the Tactics of Persuasion in one day

In the same way that sales people are in competition for business, credit controllers are in competition for cash. The telephone is a powerful tool for cash collection, but only when you have the skills to maximise its potential. This dynamic and interactive course enables delegates to use the telephone as a weapon of mass persuasion, turning reasons for non payment into payment and helping you improve payments from all types of customers.

Cost: £697 per delegate – including course notes and certificate.

Course Content

Course Objectives

  • Break through the barriers that block payment and hold up cash
  • Knowing your customers and planning your collections strategy
  • Using influencing factors to persuade customers to pay sooner
  • Closing calls feeling confident you will be paid

Course Content

  • Understanding the importance of your role
  • Communication and behaviours that get results
  • Strategies for successful collection
  • How to switch on to your customer
  • Different approaches for different customer types
  • How to Influence customers to pay
  • Tactics for negotiation
  • Asking the right questions
  • Developing persuasive skills
  • How to overcome reasons for non-payment
  • How to improve payments from large, powerful customers
  • Improving negotiation skills
  • How to break negotiation deadlocks
  • How to stress the benefits of paying
  • How to take away the reasons not to pay

Closing the Call

  • How to reach agreement
  • How to follow up effectively
  • How to educate customers to your terms
  • How to improve future payments

Areas of Difficulty

  • Persuading difficult people to do what you want
  • Dealing with other situations and challenges you find difficult

Commercial Credit Course Designed For 

Anyone selling goods or providing services on credit involved in telephoning customers for payment or who manages a team of people involved in collecting payments from debtors.

Course Duration

One Day

Cash Collection Course for Consumer Credit

If you have 3 or more people dealing with collecting money from consumers, we can present a course to suit your specific needs.

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