Credit Scorecard

There is no absolute way of establishing and setting a credit line, credit rating or credit limit and different providers of credit reports will recommend different limits for the same company.   None of them will show you how they have reached their decision.   Isn’t that what you would like to know?

What sets Credit Scorecard apart from the rest is that it makes Commercially Minded credit decisions, aimed at Maximising Sales while Managing Risk, plus:

  • Unique - Credit Scorecard is unique because it shows you how our recommended credit line has been reached, thus helping you make better informed decisions;
  • Informative - Credit Scorecard will give you credit scores and limits that indicate whether you are taking a low, medium or high risk and for larger credit transactions, a Higher Commercial Risk limit subject to other factors is shown; 
  • Easy to use - The application is simplicity itself.   You are set up with a password and can download web based reports in seconds over the internet;
  • Methodology - Based upon the latest filed accounts and company information we take into consideration measures of performance, measures of financial status, working capital use and changes in net worth.  We also, take account of the year on year variances and what is deemed acceptable for different industries and size of company;
  • Updates and monitoring - Trends in different markets and industry sectors are constantly monitored and whenever adjustments are needed for the minimum and maximum requirement for different ratios, we implement them;
  • Cost effective - It saves time by supporting the work carried out by credit managers, credit analysts, credit underwriters and salespeople;
  • Tried and tested - Our method has been developed by Steve Savva through his many years of experience working in the credit industry.  It is commercially minded and more often than not provides higher realistic credit line assessments than other providers.
  • Training - Full in-depth training on Commercial Credit Scoring and Risk Analysis is available upon request.
  • Free Trial - Take advantage of our no obligation offer.  Email with your full details requesting a free trial.
  • Industry Specific - Get your own scorecard built and tailored to your specific needs.  We can provide a scorecard for you to enter figures from Management Accounts onto and get Commercially Minded Credit Decisions from.

It is also proven to be very effective.  Many companies have received training from Steve Savva o ‘Managing Commercial Credit Risk’ and ‘In-depth Accounts Analysis’ training and already use the method on which our scorecard is based as part of their credit decision making process.

Credit Scorecard reports are priced competitively subject to contract and volume. 

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