Developing a Success Winning Attitude
17 July 2017

Developing a Success Winning Attitude

The starting point of getting to success, however you may choose to measure it, I believe, is being passionate about what you do.  Those of you who know me know the passion I have for Credit Management.  I’m not only passionate, but excited and enthusiastic, with a desire to succeed.  Everyone can succeed, but some never do!

  • What does it take to be successful?
  • What would you define as success?
  • What do winners have in common?

Here are five other characteristics, besides passion, successful people may have:

Sensible, achievable Goals are important.  Without a sensible goal, how will you know when you have reached success?
Successful people continually set goals and re-evaluate them, scaling them upwards towards greater accomplishments.

Positive Attitude
I have never met a truly successful person who I would consider a "self made" success that did not have a positive attitude.  Positive people have a “can do” approach to every situation.  If you think you can or if you think you can't, you are right.  All successful people truly believe in themselves and in the reality of their goals.  A positive attitude is contagious and when it is sincere, the people with whom you come in contact will relate to you and your activities with a vitality and positive attitude that causes a winning, successful environment.

Be Honest
If you are going to be successful, you will not have time, energy, or the capability to remember untruths, or lies you have told people.  Honesty and truth, not only with others, but with yourself is vital.  The truth is easier to remember and easier to deal with, especially in the long term!  Winners are always prepared to face the truth, especially in difficult situations, and handle things as they deal with them on a timely basis, then proceed to get on with the business of running a successful, prosperous life.

Research and Development
Successful people believe in continually developing their own abilities through reading, training, attending seminars, listening to good ideas and the thoughts of others.  They believe in improving themselves and constantly strive for techniques and means to help them achieve their goals.  New products and ideas come to fruition.  Though there may be a price to pay for success, it’s important you have a return on investment, whether or not it is great or small, whether it is in terms of time, effort or money! 

This isn’t as easy as it seems.  What do you think about?  All my thoughts are positive, even in negative situations.  Whether I am right or wrong, I don’t really know, but a positive attitude, as mentioned previously in this article, is vital to success.  There are times we jump in without thinking; we speak without tact and diplomacy!  Think hard about what you do, what you want to achieve, how you are going to get there and what your measure of success is!  For some people success may be measured in money, for others it may be measured in giving and for some it may be measured in health and happiness.  If you can achieve all of these FANTASTIC!  Everyone is different and everyone is capable of achieving their full potential, if only they put their mind and thoughts to doing so.

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it."  
Henry Ford

All the very best to achieving your success!

Steve Savva

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